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Sorry We are closed on Saturday 23rd September 2017
All breeds of dogs from approximately one year old. When they have finished growing.
Not old enough? Then Pre-Agility is for you.
(must have basic obedience and be reliable off lead although training can be on lead when you first start)
We use KC standard agility equipment: Hurdle Jumps; Weave Poles, 'A' frame; Rigid tunnel; Collapsible tunnel; Tyre jump; Long Jump; Dog walk; See-saw and Table. BFA standard Flyball jumps and boomerang box.
This is an opportunity to just have fun, keep fit and socialise with like minded people.
Wednesday 6.30pm - 7.30pm - (Light permitting) This session is now closed until Spring 2018
Thursday 10.30am - 11.30amSaturday 1pm - 2pm
Where? Grove House Stables Equestrian Centre, Misterton, DN10 4EF (no27) Map
How Much? £8 per session, Pay as you go. How to Pay?
How do I start?
Please download the following and then contact Sue to let her know which session you would like to start and to ask any questions. If you have never done Agility before you will be asked to attend an hours induction with Sue, this will prepare you and your dog before joining the group session. £20 for one hour and you can share this with a friend for the same cost.
Dos & Don'ts pdf
The Registration Form pdf word
Starting Agility pdf
Agility is a wonderful way for owners and their dogs to interact together, both with their dogs and other like minded people, it builds the relationship and trust between you and your dog and will keep you both fit too! I welcome all ages and abilities, so long as you can control your dog safely off lead.
My equipment is of excellent quality made by well renowned companies and is of Kennel Club competition standard.
So if you get the bug and want to compete (and you probably will) you can be sure that you and your dog will be used to working with the standard of equipment used at Agility shows and trained by experienced trainers who compete.
When you first start the training can be on lead, however basic obedience is essential and it is far easier to run your dog off the lead which can knock the equipment down. Essential commands are, Sit, Down, Wait and Recall. So start practicing now.
Find out what motivates your dog, treats, or toys? Do you clicker train? Although these cannot be used in competition they are very useful tools for helping your dog learn Agility.
Agility is a very active sport and will require some running and so please ensure that you and your dog are fairly fit, if unsure please check with your doctor/vet before starting. As with any exercise it is wise to warm up those muscles before starting to avoid injury.
All dogs are born with a need to work. Agility will provide mental and physical stimulation. All breeds large and small are welcome, dogs from 12 months and handlers of any age as long as they are capable of controlling their dog. (Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult)
About Agility
Dog agility is a dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. Obstacles include the following:- Jumps; Tunnels, collapsible & rigid; Dog Walk; Seesaw; Weaving Poles; Tyre; Long Jump; Table and ‘A’ Frame.
In competition, dog and handler are required to complete the planned course against the clock clearly. Faults will be given for not completing within the time, for knocking jumps down, refusals, and failing to touch contact points. Faults will be given for handling the dog or touching the equipment. Taking the wrong course can result in elimination. I liken it to Show jumping for dogs.The formal requirements for competing in a Kennel Club licensed agility show are quite simple: Your dog must be registered with the Kennel Club, either on the Breed Register or on the Activity Register.
Competitors taking part in any Kennel Club licensed event must familiarise themselves with the Kennel Club Rules and Regulations beforehand. The agility regulations can be found in the agility and flyball regulations booklet.
Dogs can only enter agility shows when they are 18 months of age or over and have been officially measured and placed in the correct height category.
You will need to have an agility Record Book (available from the Kennel Club online shop) in which to record your dog's height category and all your competition wins and clear rounds.
About Fyball
Flyball is a two team relay race, each team consists of 4 dogs and handlers. The team send their dogs one after the other against the clock over 4 jumps and trigger a box which contains a tennis ball, the dog then catches the ball and returns over the 4 jumps. The first team back clear, wins. Usually it is the best of three runs that decides the overall winner. Great fun! very noisy and having a dog that is mad about retrieving tennis balls is a must!

Agility Field and Indoor Arena available to hire with the equipment for personal training only.

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